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AlbaCombi Configuration

Update the AlbaCombi firmware

By March 22, 2015May 3rd, 2021No Comments

In case you need to update AlbaCombi to the latest version or you want to reset your unit to factory configuration you need to update the firmware of the unit.

NOTE: Before update check what version has your AlbaCombi, currently the latest version firmware is the v2.00. You can check in General in the web-based interface in Product Info.

You can download the latest firmware available in our download section.

Once you have the firmware file you have to open the unit, move the microswitch 2 to the off position and reset the unit via the reset button.Once you have done that, you have to connect to your unit with the ethernet cable and point your Chrome browser to and the following menu will appear:

upgrade web

Just clicking the “firmware update” link will take you to the upgrade page.

Remember that using the “bin” version of the firmware will retain your databases and using the “xin” version will erase all the unit to factory default.