How do I configure the Albacombi?

With a computer and a Ethernet cable.

Does the Albacombi come with a cable harness?

No, you have to provide your own.

What PGNs are supported?

Engine, Generic temperature and pressure, levels and battery.

What are the the Albacombi mounting options?

You can use a DIN rail type mounting.

I can’t connect with the AlbaCombi?

If you can’t connect with the AlbaCombi, try setting a fixed IP on your PC. This IP must be different from the module:

AlbaCombi blocked

If your AlbaCombi is blocked, press the reset button and wait 1 minute

Can I update my AlbaCombi device?

Yes, you can connect your PC to ALbaCombi ethernet port, set the switches in the following position: 1 on, 2 off and press the reset button. Then, enter the configuration page and choose the option “upgrade firmware”.

The N2K connection is required?

No, just remember powering the module through power pins (17 and 18, 9-18Vdc)

I can’t see any data on my Garmin display

If you can’t see your AlbaCombi or any data in your Garmin display, if your AlbaCOmbi device appears and disappears intermittently, probably you won’t have the firmware updated to last version: 1.4.
Please download it from our website under “Downloads” and update your device.
If you continue with the same problems, please contact us.

Which devices can receive data from the Albacombi?

Any NMEA200 capable display, you have to be aware about the capability of that display to be able to show the particular data from the Alba Combi you want to display.

What sort of onboard equipments can be managed by the albacombi?

Any analogue sensor, RPM pulse senders, shunts, or PTC1000 tenperature sensor.

What are the power requirements of the Albacombi?

LEN3 as per NMEA2000, or 150mA.

Which are the connections of the Albacombi?

Ethernet, NMEA2000, 6x voltage or resistance inputs, 6 additional voltage inputs, two RPM pulse inputs, 1 shunt input, 1 PTC1000 input.

What voltage and duty cycle ist needed to trigger a correct RPM Signal?

Maximum frequency 3-4Khz

What ist the lowest and highest Speed of input pulses which the unit can process?

Minimum Peat-to-Peak Voltage 6V

It’s possible to reverse the order of alarm colours configuration in the displays?

No, it can’t be reversed, the order must be green, yellow and red (Min to Max)



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