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These General Conditions of Sale (the “Conditions”) will be valid and applicable to the orders formalized through electronic commerce platforms in which we are present, recognizing them by the ordering party (the “BUYER” or, indistinctly, the “CLIENT” or “You”) mandatory, so much for the Present contract What for all the future relations business with EMMI NETWORK, SL (hereinafter EMMI), CIF B96793351, with address at C/ Dels Furs, no. 50, 46701 Gandía, Valencia and registration data: (Commercial Registry of Valencia) Volume 6254, Book 3559, Folio 122, Section 8, Sheet V-64042, Inscription nº1. When we refer to BUYER Y a EMMI of form indistinct them we will denominate the “Parts” either the “Part”.

These Conditions are understood to be accepted by the CLIENT by the mere fact of making a requested to EMMI, being from that moment bound by them. The acceptance of these Conditions implies that the CLIENT declares and acknowledges that he has full capacity to be bound by virtue of the same, stating to be of legal age with sufficient capacity, if It was a natural person, or a legal representative with sufficient powers of the legal person that perform the order.

In the event that the CLIENT is an entrepreneur or professional who acts, either directly or through through another person on your behalf or following your instructions, solely and exclusively with a purpose related to its commercial, business, trade or profession activity, that is, that it does not holds the status of consumer or user, even in the case of a natural person or entity without cheer up of profit, you they will be of app the CONDITIONS GENERAL OF SALE FOR CUSTOMERS PROFESSIONALS (B2B), which will prevail over the provisions of these Conditions that have a scope plus general.

These Conditions together with, where appropriate, the particular conditions that may be agreed with the CLIENT, constitute the contract with EMMI (the “Contract”) Y a both, – these Conditions of character general Y the pacts individuals that can reach, that in all case shall be formalized in writing with the express acceptance of EMMI, the Parties submit to the regulation of their legal relationship of a commercial nature, without prejudice to the regulations of a imperative that result of app.

EMMI will be able realize the modifications me updates that consider timely in these Conditions due a circumstances techniques, of business either of simple gets better, being these modifications published in the same form in which they appear here or, at the discretion of EMMI, to through of a communication. In any case, I know will consider that the CLIENT you accept expressly the modifications or updates if you make a new order, having to read them periodically, being applicable the that I know find in force in the moment of realize a order.

These Conditions will be written in Spanish and, additionally, in English or in other languages that EMMI considers, but, in case of discrepancy, the Spanish language version will be the only authentic Y applicable Come in the parts, prevailing on any other idiom.

All references made in these Conditions to days will be understood to be made, except that I know indicate it contrary, a days skillful according to the calendar of the address Social of EMMI.

All offers, acceptances or orders and deliveries made by EMMI shall be deemed made bass the presents Conditions, that substitute a any others incorporated by the BUYER in any negotiation either order, giving up East a do to worth their own conditions of purchase, that neither by silence of EMMI nor by acceptance of an order or supply, will become content of the contract. No modification, alteration or agreement contrary to what is stipulated here will have effect except that So I know point out expressly in covenant express by written signed by EMMI.

No contract for the sale or supply of products will be understood to be perfected until EMMI accept the order in writing, or in the absence of acceptance, until the delivery of the products or provision of service requested according to the order. I know will understand that the contracts celebrated by

electronically will produce all the effects provided for by the legal system, for which reason will understand that EMMI you accept by written the order Yes emits its confirmation by mail electronic (in In this case, the non-receipt or proof of the email sent by EMMI as a result of the setting of the tray of entry of CLIENT – mail No wanted either spam – will be responsibility of the latter) or other telematic means. Orders cannot be canceled once have been accepted or served, unless accepted in writing by EMMI, the BUYER being obliged to indemnify EMMI for all expenses, and damages (including lost profits) caused.

EMMI I know booking the faculty of Modify the specs of the products regard of the information provided. In the event that, for any reason, the possibility of supply of the products offered, these may be replaced by others of the same or similar features either specs. The BUYER shall check the ready of prices Y the specifications of the products in force at any time before placing your order through our department commercial or right a through of the websites.

The BUYER must verify any changes related to availability, delivery times, specifications and characteristics of the products, services, rates and special offers, which could vary without notice. Any liability of EMMI for errors or omissions in the contents of the Web, being only binding the data that I know do record in the correspondent confirmation to order that I know perform.

The assignment of the rights and obligations of the Contract will require the written consent of EMMI. EMMI will be able give the Rights Y obligations of the operations commercial in grade a societies of its cluster either a third parties, previous communication by written to the BUYER.

The eventual nullity, total or partial, of any of the General or Particular Conditions, will not affect in the validity of the Contract itself, and the will of the Parties must be integrated with respect to the clause nil, Y being of full app the rest of Conditions.


It is an essential requirement to be of legal age and have full capacity to act in order to realize a purchase a through of the platforms on-line where we’re presents.

It is requirement indispensable that in its Registration us facilitate to the less a telephone of Contact – mobile either permanent- and an email address. At the time of making the purchase, it will also be mandatory identify through its number of ID either document official equivalent according to its nationality.

The means of contact that we will use to send you notifications about your order will be mainly e-mail, although sometimes we can also use the telephone, which previously us there will be facilitated to complete its Registration in our Web.

These conditions of use and purchase are valid exclusively for purchases made in the territory of Spain Y Portugal; remain excluded the shipments a Canary Islands, Ceuta Y Melilla.

After acceptance of your order by EMMI, we will send you an email with the Confirmation of the same. All items offered by EMMI are subject to availability. In case of not being possible the acceptance, you we will contact for inform you.

The characteristics and specifications of the products are those determined and provided by the maker in the correspondent documentation technique, manuals of use either in the own self product, so emmi is not responsible for eventual modifications and improvements made by the manufacturer of the product, except for products designed and manufactured by EMMI. It provided for in this Condition, and in general in terms of product liability of EMMI, applies both to (i) products manufactured by third parties under third party brand names and (ii) to products manufactured by third parties bass brands own of EMMI.

The realization of the order it implies the knowledge by the BUYER of the features and specs of product that acquire, to the to have Dyed the possibility of inform

properly Y with the necessary advance about of the themselves.


EMMI will do everything possible to please all its customers in the demand for the products; but everybody the orders of products is it so subjects a the availability of the themselves Y in East sense, Yes supply difficulties occur, or if there are no items in stock, we reserve the law of facilitate information about of products substitutes of quality and worth Similar. Yes No wish to place an order for such substitute products, we will refund any amount you could You to have subscriber.


4.1  Conditions of Delivery.

EMMI undertakes to deliver the products in perfect condition and to the delivery address that the CUSTOMER indicates on the order form. The CLIENT can request the delivery of the articles in another domicile and/or to another natural person different from the one who signs the order, as long as the delivery address is located in the territory of Spain or Portugal (excluding the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

Nope I know will deliver orders in paragraphs postcards.

will not be delivered products in our facilities, given that deliveries are made since warehouses logistics.

EMMI makes its shipments through leading courier companies in the sector (such as UPS, SEUR, etc…). In order to optimize delivery, please indicate an address to which the order can be delivered within of schedule labor usual. Before of to accept the order, check that your contact details and address are correct and complete, and that your name is listed in the mailbox me the ringer me the intercom

EMMI reserves the right to vary the type of shipment and the company by which it is made. provided that it does not suppose a manifest damage for the CLIENT. In general, when the weight or dimensions of the order exceed the maximum established by the usual carrier, we we will put in Contact with you for inform you of carrier a use Y the deadlines specific in that case.

The shipping derivatives of the shipments of the articles acquired will remain reflected in the moment final of the purchase and will depend on the modality chosen and also on the place of destination. these conditions will be able be modified according to the criteria of the business of Messenger service sender.

For the purposes of these Conditions, it will be understood that the “delivery” has taken place or that the product/s have been “delivered” at the time of signing the receipt of the same at the address of delivery agreed.

4.2.  Deadlines of delivery:

The term of preparation of order usually will be of 24 hours. With character general, the shipments will be made the same day of the order, only if the order is formalized and payment is made before the 09:00 a.m. hours.

Delivery times depend on the selected carrier. In general, the period of delivery is between 24/48 hours in National territory (Peninsula) to count after the preparation of the shipment. If it is necessary to modify these conditions due to the special nature of the order, we we would put in Contact with the BUYER for inform you of the deadlines concrete.

EMMI may make the delivery before the agreed date, as well as, where appropriate, make deliveries partial payments if it deems it convenient, which will produce the delivery, transmission of the risk and accrual of the price in how much a bliss delivery partial.

Yes by some reason No we could comply with the date of delivery Estimated, you we will inform of

this circumstance and we will give you the option to continue with the purchase by establishing a new date of delivery either right cancel the order with the refund total of price paid out. fits consider in any of the cases that as a general rule deliveries will not be made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays according to the calendar of place of delivery Y of home of EMMI.

4.3.  Impossibility of delivery .

We reserve the right to withdraw any Product from our website at any time. and/or to remove or modify any material or content thereof. Although we will do our best to always process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that require us to reject the processing of any order after having sent the Order Confirmation, and we we reserve the law a do it in any moment, a our alone discretion.

We will not be liable to you or any third party for removing any product of any platform on the that we are present, regardless of Yes saying product has been sold or not, remove or modify any material or content of the website, or by deny us a process a order a time that you let’s have send the Confirmation of order.

EMMI will not be responsible for the lack of fulfillment of any of its obligations when the It is due to impediments beyond its control or events that could not have been foreseen, or that, planned, were inevitable, So What in case of acts of any authorities administrative; strikes labor own either of third parties; closures employers; disorders civilians; earthquakes and any other natural disasters; pandemics or health crises and the measures adopted by the authorities competent for its containment either eradication; lack either impossibility of obtaining of subjects cousins, supplies either equipment of the manufacturers either providers; or non-functioning of facilities or communications (among others, although not limited a, problems in the net computing, falls either wrong functioning of the net telephone, electrical either of the Internet, etc.). In such a case, EMMI will inform the BUYER of the impediment, it will be exempt of compliance of obligations Y any responsibility by damage Y damages either any other penalty contractual either legal, Although it will adopt the measures necessary for can continue with the compliance of Contract it before possible, keeping informed regularly to the BUYER of your situation. The period of interruption caused by the above causes will not be considered breach of Contract.

Except as provided in these Terms, EMMI shall not be liable for any damages that could derive of delay wave lack of delivery of the merchandise, in special of profit unemployed either any damage either damage derivative of delay in that incur the BUYER.

5.   PRICE.

The prices shown include VAT, applicable on the day of the order, but exclude shipping costs, that I know will add to the amount total due according to I know exposes a continuation:

The price of the products will be the one that appears on the website. The price is expressed with taxes included, in force on the date of acceptance of the offer. The price must be paid totally when making the purchase.

EMMI reserves the right to modify the sales prices at any time, but the articles I know will invoice in base a the rates in vigor in the moment in the that I know register the order bass booking of availability in this date.


6.1.  Modalities of Payment.

The payment of the orders will be able be carried out using the following modalities:

  • Payment with card of credit either debit. Us we reserve the law of NO to accept some Payments with

determined cards of credit.

  • Payment with bill PayPal.

  • Payment through transfer banking.

EMMI reserves the right to change the payment methods, being able to create new or eliminate any of the existing ones, without the CUSTOMER being able to make claims for this reason. Nope However, if the change in the payment method affects an order already placed, we will contact the CUSTOMER to inform him of said change, offering him the option of canceling the order yes it considered convenient.

6.2. Payment with card of credit debit.

The charge is made online, that is, in real time, through the entity’s payment gateway financial correspondent Y a time I know is checked that the data releases are correct.

In order to give maximum security to the payment system, we use secure payment systems of entities financial of first line in trade electronic.

In this sense, confidential data is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the corresponding financial entity. The SSL encryption system we use gives you total security of data transmission over the network. Your data is completely confidential and protection.

Credit card data is not recorded in any of our databases. These data will be used only in the virtual POS (Terminal Point of Sale) of our entity financial, a through of its Runway of Payment Sure.

Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the entity station of the same, but Yes bliss entity No authorize the payment, No us will responsible by none delay either lack of delivery Y No we will can formalize none Contract with You.

EMMI reserves the right to verify the personal data provided by the CLIENT and adopt the measures that estimate timely (including the cancellation of order) for that the commodity acquired be delivered of accordance with the data that figure in the request.

6.3. Payment through transfer banking.

If this is the payment method chosen, the obligation to send and deliver the product will remain in suspense until that EMMI is charged the price full through reception of same in its bill of form irrevocable.


  • By Break/Damage of product during the Shipping:

In case of receiving a product damaged during transport, the customer has a period of 48 hours to claim from the receipt of the shipment of the order through your customer account and provide all the documentation that you we indicate a continuation:

  1. Detailed description of what happened, indicating everything that helps to clarify the facts and show failure from service of Messenger service for to provoke the breakage/damage of product.

  2. Photographs in the that I know identify clearly the damage of material.

  3. Photographs of the packaging where the “damages / bumps / breaks” can be clearly seen. East field is very important since, if the responsibility of the carrier, the claim may not be considered. It is recommended that if any flaw in the packaging of its order, a its reception the CLIENT put a note in the delivery note of delivery man for let constancy (of is way I know facilitate the formalities in the management of any claim later).

  • Photographs of the label of carrier in the that what’s more I know see the whole of product on the which one exercises the claim.

have Present that any notification incomplete either formulated by others media No will be considered nor will its date of notification have value for the purposes of a subsequent claim in the media correct.

  • By Fail/Error of Shipping of order:

When the NO receipt of a product in the shipment has been detected, the product differs from what requested or does not comply with the characteristics demanded and that appear on the website, the Client You have a period of 24 hours from receipt of the same to notify the failure / shipping error to through of its bill indicating:

  1. Detailed description of what happened, indicating everything that helps to clarify the facts and show the incident of order.

  • Photographs that help identify the incident. Examples: photographs/screenshots for demonstrate faults in the description of the WEB/product; in the case of non-receipt of any product, take photographs in which the order is identified with all the products received positioned as they have been received, with its filling if any and inside its corresponding box… This field it is very important Market Stall that in case of lack of evidence the claim can No be considered.

Once the incident has been resolved in favor of the client, EMMI will bear the cost of collecting the wrong product and delivery of the correct one or direct shipment of the material as appropriate depending on of the type of claim. If there are no stocks, EMMI NETWORK SL may proceed to the return of the amount of Article Y of the bills of Shipping.

By favour, give back the Article wearing its wrapper original what’s more of the instructions, documentation and other elements that may accompany it originally. In case of opening of original packaging or plastic seals, the return or product change and EMMI will protect the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer and/or EMMI in the form that consider.

Once the merchandise to be returned has been received, we will proceed to carefully examine the product returned and we will notify you by e-mail within a reasonable period of time if the return or substitution of same (in its case). The return either substitution of Article I know will carry out it before possible Y, in any case, within of the fifteen days following a the date in the that you let’s send a mail electronic confirming that proceeds the return either substitution of Article No according.

In the event that the product(s) cannot be substituted, the amounts paid for those products that be returned, a cause of some tare either flaw, when Really exist, you they will be fully refunded, including delivery charges incurred to deliver the item to you and costs in that You had incurred for return it to us a us.

Returns and partial cancellations will lead to partial refunds of the total amount subscribed by the order full. The bills of transportation Y of refund No they will be returned in case of that the return be partial.

The refund will be made to the same credit card, Paypal account or bank account that was used for to pay the purchase.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our email

The rights recognized by current legislation detailed in clause 10 of the presents Conditions.


EMMI is responsible for the lack of conformity that manifests itself within the periods that, with character imperative, are established in the legislation for the defense of consumers and users in force in each moment, in the terms in she collected .

In the case of lack of conformity, you must inform us as soon as possible after you became aware of it, sending an email to indicating your data, the number of your invoice of purchase Y the anomaly detected.

The item to be returned must be properly packaged for its return. The packaging must be in perfect condition and keep all its original accessories and instructions to be able to be Returned.

The instructions for the correct use and installation of the product, as well as the documentation of warranty included by the manufacturers are of forced reading by the BUYER.

The guarantee will lose its validity in case of defects or deterioration caused by external factors, accidents, especially electrical accidents, wear, installation and use not in accordance with the instructions of Supplier.

Products modified or repaired by the CUSTOMER or any other person No authorized by the provider.

For any question or request for information, you can contact the Customer Service attention to the client by mail electronic in

8.1. Process by lack of accordance.

The client shall contact with us a through of its bill.

If everything is correct, the collection will be managed, the product will be received in our warehouses and will check its condition in the service technical for determine that Really I know find in wrong manufacturing default state. In this sense, EMMI will proceed with the repair/exchange and will assume the costs shipping so much of Going What of lap.

On the contrary, if the product is in perfect condition, the customer will bear the shipping costs. return and reshipment of the material (See EMMI shipping rates). Whenever possible and as long as not cause unnecessary expenses to the customer, the merchandise can be sent in a next order of the BUYER.

We advise that before processing the return, make sure to carry out the relevant tests to check that the product really does not work, because if upon receiving the product it has a functioning Right Y the reason of the return I know must a its lack of knowledge for use the product, the BUYER will assume everybody the bills of Shipping, so much of Going What of lap.


The Photographs Y the texts reproduced that present the products offered have character merely informative.

The responsibility of EMMI in relationship with any product acquired will be limited strictly, in any case, at the purchase price of said product and will not be compromised for simple errors or omissions that may have taken place, when all the precautions necessary in the presentation of the products.

EMMI No will be able be considerate responsible of the damage, be which be its nature, so much material as well as non-material or corporeal, which could result from the operation or use inappropriateness of the marketed products. not attributable to EMMI or, in general, of any breach legal either contractual attributable to the BUYER. It same I know apply a the possible

modifications made a the products by the providers.

EMMI cannot be held liable by a client or a third party for indirect damage, loss of exploitation or lost profits occurred by any means, even if said damage, loss or damage had been foreseeable by EMMI either Yes its eventuality had been put in its knowledge.

Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, EMMI’s liability under the These general conditions may not exceed an amount equal to the sums paid after the transaction that is at the origin of said responsibility, whatever the cause or form of the action in question.

EMMI cannot be held responsible for the breach of the signed contract in the event of depletion of stock or unavailability of the product, due to force majeure, – as as it is regulated in these Conditions, – interruption of activity or total strike either partial, in special, of the services postcards Y media of transportation either communications, floods either fire. It ready in the Present Condition, included the limitations of previous responsibility, will not affect your rights recognized by the law that is applicable to you according to its home in quality of consumer, neither a its law of desist contract.

In case of dispute, the customer may first contact EMMI to reach a resolution friendly

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish common law. The Parties submit, at their election, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, unless they have recognized a specific jurisdiction by the application of mandatory legal provisions, to the judged Y courts of the city of VALENCIA (Spain).


The BUYER consent Y authorizes a EMMI for the expedition, Shipping Y reception of the bills in electronic or digital support through the email address provided through your Download through the online platforms in which we are present. The BUYER may revoke this authorization by means of email sent to the address that appears in the data of Contact of EMMI at the beginning of these Conditions.

Right of withdrawal.- EMMI recognizes the BUYER’s right of withdrawal. EMMI recognizes the right to withdraw from the Contract within a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the either or from the conclusion of the Contract if the purpose of the Contract was a provision of services. EMMI does not assume ownership of the returned product until it is received at its facilities and, in In any case, the BUYER will be responsible for paying the return costs derived from the shipment. view of the product The BUYER will be responsible for the decrease in the value of the returned goods. cough due to handling, except when such handling is strictly necessary to find out the nature, characteristics and functioning of the articles. The right of withdrawal does not apply to: (i) goods made according to the BUYER’s specifications or personalized, as well What estate that, What consequence of its facility, I know have mixed of form inseparable with other goods; (ii) a service, if EMMI had started its provision with the acceptance of the COM- PRADOR; (iii) services in which the consumer has specifically requested EMMI to carry out urgent repair or maintenance operations; and, (iii) digital content that would not have been en- delivered in a material support and in those cases in which the material support has been unsealed in that that contents note.

Legal guarantee of conformity.- EMMI commits itself for a period of 3 years, or the lesser period. that recognizes the applicable legislation, for example 1 year for second-hand products or 2 years in the case of digital content or services -, counting from delivery, and provided that I know comply the requirements subjective Y objectives planned in the normative applicable to answer from the faults of accordance that the BUYER is manifested, being able EMMI, of form free for the BUYER, repair, replace the product, realize a reduction of price either return the amount, I know- as appropriate in each case. The BUYER must inform EMMI of his disagreement in a term maximum of two months since that have knowledge of she, valuing in that case EMMI the its-

Market Stall concrete and informing to the BUYER to the elderly brevity.


The data of character staff included in the Contract either that I know collect during all the validity of the contractual relationship, will be collected and processed by EMMI, whose address for these purposes are those that are listed in our Legal Notice in order to carry out an adequate management of the relationship contractual established Come in the parts in the framework of Contract.

The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of data is: (i) The existence of a legal relationship or contract. (ii) The legitimate interest in carrying out an adequate management and relationship between the Parties (what makes it necessary to process the data of representatives, signatories, contact persons for a appropriate control Y tracing of the obligations Y Rights acquired What result of Present agreement).

The data will be processed by the commercial, financial and accounting areas of EMMI, as well as by the departments that manage or authorize the Contract and the subsequent fulfillment of the obligations that are contained therein. EMMI, as data controller, will store throughout the duration of the contractual relationship between the Parties, and for an additional period of six years once once said relationship has ended, in compliance with article 30 of the Commercial Code, which may be extended in certain assumptions of agreement a the politics of retention of data of EMMI.

EMMI will be able communicate the data personal a: (Yo) others societies of its cluster, with purposes commercial, administrative Y of management; Y, (iii) a societies with the that EMMI have subscribed, or with those that it signs, distribution, manufacturing or commercial collaboration contracts that make necessary the communication.

EMMI may find it necessary to communicate personal data to: (i) other companies of its group, for administrative and management purposes; and, (ii) to companies with which EMMI has subscribed, or with which it signs, distribution, manufacturing or commercial collaboration contracts that make communication is necessary. In all cases, EMMI has signed the mandatory contracts of treatment manager. If you want information about these companies you can contact us at through from the email

The interested have law a to access, rectify, Cancel, suppress Y stand against to the treatment of the data, as well as to exercise the rest of the rights that are recognized in the current regulations in matter of protection of data, heading a EMMI. Equally, will be able put in knowledge of the Agency Spanish of Protection of Data Yes consider that their Rights No they have been duly catered either they think that I know he has done treatment illicit of their data ( ).

The CUSTOMER may expand the information on the treatment that EMMI does or can do of their data of character staff accessing a its Politics of privacy.


“Force majeure” means the occurrence of an event or circumstance that makes it impossible or prevents a Party fulfills one or more of its contractual obligations in accordance with these Conditions, in the to the extent that party proves: (a) that such impediment is beyond its reasonable control; (b) that could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the Contract; and (c) that the effects of the impairment could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome by the Part affected.

Unless proven otherwise, it will be presumed that the following facts that affect a Party comply with conditions (a) and (b) of section 1 of this Condition: (i) war (whether declared or not), hostilities, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, extensive military mobilization; (ii) civil war, riots, rebellion and revolution, usurpation -military or not- of power, insurrection, acts of terrorism, sabotage or hacking; (iii) monetary and commercial restrictions, embargo, sanction; (iv) act of a authority public, Already be legal either illegal, compliance of any law or order governmental,

expropriation, occupation of works, requisition, nationalization; (v) plague, epidemic, pandemic, disaster natural either event natural extreme; (saw) burst, fire, destruction of equipment, interruption prolonged transport, telecommunications, information systems or energy; (vii) riots general labor such as boycott, strike and lockout, labor strike, factory occupation Y local.

The Part that invoke with success is clause will remain exempted of its have to of comply their obligations in virtue of Contract Y of any responsibility by damage Y damages either of any other contractual penalty for breach of the Contract, from the moment the impediment has caused the inability to comply with it, provided that it is notified without delay. If the notification is not made without delay, the disclaimer will be effective from the time the notification reaches the other Party. When the effect of the impediment or fact invoked is temporary, the aforementioned consequences will apply only while the impediment invoked impedes the fulfillment by the affected Party of its contractual obligations. When the duration of the impediment invoked has the effect of substantially depriving the Parties of what were reasonably entitled to expect under the Contract, either Party shall have right to terminate the Contract by means of a notice addressed to the other Party with prior notice reasonable. Unless otherwise agreed, the Parties expressly agree that the Contract may be resolved by any of they yes the duration of the impediment exceeds of 120 days natural.

The purchase of products, services and/or ancillary benefits is subject to these Conditions, that I declare to receive, know Y to accept in its integrity, staying incorporated a the contractual relationship by the mere fact of placing an order, remaining from that moment bound by the themselves.