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AlbaCombi Configuration

Weird sensors, how to manage them with the AlbaCombi

By February 22, 2015May 3rd, 2021No Comments

In the world of analog sensors, you may find dozens of sensors, some of them may be difficult to interface to preconfigured analog to NMEA2000 converters. With the AlbaCombi you have the best of both worlds with a database of preconfigured sensors and a comprehensive web-based user interface that will allow you to define almost any type of sensors.

As long as the sensor supplies a voltage between 0 to 32V or resistance between 0 to 600 ohms you can define the sensor in the Alba Combi.

The calibration table lets define you up to 8 points table with a correlation between measured magnitude real value, you have even ¬†“measure” and “calibrated” ¬†buttons so that you can check whether your calibration table is correct.

You may even interface 4 to 20mA sensors just adding a 250 ohms, 1% tolerance resistor and then create a calibration table with two points, 1 and 5 volts that will correspond with the maximum and minimum values of the sensor.