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AlbaCombi Configuration

Engine configuration, anything is possible.

By January 30, 2015May 3rd, 2021No Comments

With all the 12 channels of the AlbaCombi almost any configuration can be achieved, all 12 channels have a wide input range of 0 to 32V, and 6 of those can be configured as resistive, 0 to 3000 ohms.

Those readings can be configured to be any engine reading and even binary inputs for alarms that can be later used for creating NMEA2000 PGNS. Even for the 3 wire gauges, one channel can be configured as “voltage correction” in order to compensate for the variations of the readings due to voltage increase or decrease.

Things as 0 to 20mA can be easily achieved just by using a 250ohms resistor and configuring the channel as 1 to 5V input and creating the corresponding calibration table.

To simplify calibration, a pre-set number of calibration tables are stored on the unit.