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Basic Diagram Connection keeping old Gauges and senders

We attach a basic diagram connection with some old VDO analog gauges with their senders, an MFD, and your computer.

Remember to look for the IP Address in your browser. ( Check the following video about how to configure your router and your IP address correctly

In this case we are only using 2 temperature gauges, 2 pressure gauges, 2 tank level gauges, 2 rpm gauges, and 1 ptc1000. We have 5 more inputs free to use ( and you can select in Voltage o Resistive, inputs: 20,21,22,24 and 25).

For the gauges configuration we have to use Voltage mode, in case we would have connected directly the senders to the AlbaCombi we would have used the Resistive mode. Check the following guide to switch between Resistive and Voltage mode.

Important: in this connection diagram you must use the SUPPLY CORRECTION, connecting the battery/alternator to the inputs 35-36 and activate it.


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